Visit from US Ambassador Matthew Barzun

Welbeck - The Defence Sixth Form College was privileged to have a visit from the US Ambassador, Matthew Barzun, on Friday the 23rd September.  He came to do an interactive workshop with our students in which he asked their opinions and views on the United States of America as well as UK foreign policy.  The students were enthusiastic in their participation raising concerns about domestic issues such as the US presidential elections, gun laws and racism as well as foreign policy issues such as Syria, Iraq and terrorism.  Ambassador Barzun addressed many of the topics in turn giving his perspective and shedding light on some of the cultural differences that exist between our two nations.  He concluded the workshop by challenging the students, as the future engineers of the armed forces, to follow the example of the British physicist and chemist Joseph Swan and American inventor Thomas Edison in working together to "light up the world" through the invention of the incandescent lightbulb.   The students found the session highly informative and enjoyable and we thank Ambassador Barzun for coming to the College to listen to what our students had to say. 

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