Tornado Down - Talk and Book Signing by John Peters

In 1991 during Operation Desert Storm in the first Gulf War, Flight Lieutenant John Peters and his navigator John Nichol came face to face with a reality that they had previously joked about back at home. Both were captured and tortured for 7 weeks after their £25 Million pound Tornado aircraft was shot down by a heat seeking missile. Welbeck DSFC had the opportunity to host John Peters on the 29th of September 2017; he spoke about his experience in captivity and focused on the lessons that he had learnt from it.

Before the talk, John had lunch with a group of RAF students where they had the opportunity of asking more personal questions about the Royal Air Force and what to look forward to as they embark on their journey of becoming officers in the RAF. During the meal John took his time answering each individual question and left no question unanswered.

Later on during the day John gave a presentation about his RAF career and what it is like being captured and tortured by Sadam Hussein’s Militants. He was very humble about his achievements and not once imagined himself as a superior and never wished pity upon himself.

“It was so interesting to hear about this extraordinary event…This presentation was very inspiring and will definitely stay with me – RAF Student, Lower Sixth.

John’s presentation was very engaging and we all listened in awe as he described the challenges he had to face.

After his talk, John did a Book signing in the Learning Resource Centre of his number one bestseller “Tornado Down”, in which he recalls his experiences and challenges of Operation Desert Storm and his time as a Prisoner of War. Many Students were present at the session, and all had their books signed.

Student - “It was wonderful meeting Flt Lieutenant during the session, my father is a massive fan of his and I am glad I got a book signed”.

It was an honour for us to host a man such as Flight Lieutenant John Peters and we would like to thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit us and give us an insight into his life and career in the Armed Forces.

Ozama Iqbal

Trenchard 17e

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