Snowdon Trip

Snowdon, the largest mountain in Wales at 1,085m, was a great climb on a great day. As a result of the keen interest of Jamie Easton, a trip was organised for two groups of twelve to climb this mountain. Led by the VPM, Mr Crookes and the College Adjutant, the two groups walked to the top using the routes of Pyg and the Miners track.

The day began with breakfast at 07:30, with everyone cheerful and awake for the day ahead. A few hash browns and sausages later and everyone piled in the minibuses.  The buses were cramped with every seat filled but we still managed to get some final rest.

3 hours later and we arrived at the base of the mountain. The two groups split and began their separate ascents to the top. My account can only be of the better group, led by the VPM and Mr Crookes, but I know that the other group had an equal amount of fun. It became clear from the start that our group would be setting a fair pace.

The sky was clear, atmosphere was high and everyone was lively. It wasn’t long before we passed Crib Goch, admiring those who dared to cross. We all loved the amazing views of natural beauty that was around. We continued to climb and climb and climb. We started the final ascent to the peak and as if the Earth wanted to spite us, the clear blue sky became masked in an ocean of cloud cover. By the time that we reached the train track, you couldn’t see further than 100m ahead of you.

After a short lunch break we then took our decent down. The slope of the mountain combined with some unstable rocks meant that some caution needed to be taken in order to arrive at the bottom safely. Despite this and all of the work that was done prior, our group decided that our speed was too slow and began to speed walk/jog the remaining 2 miles. We were so fast that Mr Crookes fell behind a fair distance, but he soon caught up. With those 2 miles done, we had all climbed Mount Snowdon. And as a reward for our valiant efforts, the VPM got all 24 student and 6 staff a full meal at McDonalds.

A special well done to everyone who turned up, and especially to Ciera Matthews who managed through the pain.

Rhys Cox-Higgins
Alanbrooke 17E

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