Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Visit

On Wednesday 13th December 2017, all of the lower sixth Army students visited the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) for a day to gain an insight into what Initial Officer Training will be like.

We had a very early start getting up at 5am to start our long and eventful day. We began our journey down to Camberley, Surrey at 6am which took 4 hours, getting us their just in time to watch the Commandant’s Parade which was personally my highlight of the day. The parade included all the current Officer Cadets at Sandhurst parading for about 45 minutes. I was amazed by the perfection shown by all the Officer Cadets as they marched in time and I found the experience very inspiring to watch. We then ate in the Officer’s Mess which gave some of us a chance to ask a few questions over lunch as we were lucky enough to be in the company of some of the Officer Cadet’s.

After lunch we were given a running tour by an officer which was good as it meant that we were able to see all the buildings at Sandhurst, including the sleeping accommodation, gym, obstacle course, library, classrooms and a lot more, as well as having enough time for a Q&A and getting an insight into the amount of fitness to expect while at the Academy. The last part of the day was a Q&A with an officer from each of the Technical Corps that we have on offer. I found this a very key and knowledgeable part of the day as I was able to ask questions of a Royal Signals Officer which helped me to understand more about the corps I want to join. I’m sure this applied to everyone in the room no matter what corps they would like to join as we were able to spend an hour asking questions and trying to take in as much information we possibly could.

Overall, I think that the day was very successful and much appreciated by all. Like myself, I think everyone returned from the trip feeling very inspired and motivated in all areas which will help to achieve our overall goal of becoming Army Officers in the future.

Ciera Matthews

Army 17e

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