RAF Students Visit to RAF Cosford

On the 14th of December 2016, the L6 RAF and DESG/PVS RAF affiliated students went on a trip to RAF Cosford to view three different aspects of the training delivered at RAF Cosford.

For the first part our tour, we viewed the complex simulation systems which engineers use to troubleshoot issues with aircraft. We were then taken to a hangar by a Flight Lieutenant, where we had the opportunity to view Jaguar and Tornado aircraft, as well as numerous undercarriage ordnance. Here is where the trainee aircrew apply their theoretical skills learned in the classroom to decommissioned aircraft so they can enhance their understanding and effectiveness as engineers. After this, we then viewed another area of the training facility which housed a Typhoon model which is used for troubleshooting practice.

After lunch, we were taken to the Communications Electronics facility at ‘Number 1 Radio School’. This part of the tour was mainly focused around the RAF’s efforts to keep all of the different parts of the service connected via satellite, radio and a constant live feed of all aircraft, naval vessels and ground forces. We then had a talk about the threats the MoD faces from Cyber warfare around the world with an interesting demonstration showing the ease at which it is possible to gain access to someone’s mobile device or computer at the expense of one Welbeck volunteer.

Our final activity involved taking us to the building at RAF Cosford dedicated to teaching the Physics and Mathematics behind Aerospace Engineering. There we learnt about the design and engineering behind the engines and jets of aeroplanes. We were also able to see the many wind tunnels which they use to test objects and to see the practice jet engines, which the trainee engineers use to learn how to maintain and repair them.

We are extremely grateful to Squadron Leader Wilson for organising the day for us and to all the staff in the various sections who gave up their time to enlighten us about what lies ahead in our future careers.


Christopher Winter


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