Pool competition

The pool competition, which was organised by Georgia Pinson began on the 15th of January with 48 competitors. It was a fun and challenging event which brought many supporters into the quorum.

With six rounds, the competition had to take place over numerous weekends beginning with the first round, which was a knock out stage, rapidly reducing the numbers of players. The second round was also a knock out stage and soon there were only 24 players left. With higher stakes, each match in round four and five was now best of three. There were some close matches and the competition began to get even tougher, with many people only just losing out on a place in the semi finals. Now four people were left and each match was played best of five. The competition got even closer, until the final which was best of seven, it was a very close game and thank you to everyone who took part and everyone who helped to organise the event.

Miles Adesile, 15E, Portland House







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