Loughborough Santa Fun Run December 2017

On Sunday 3rd December 2017, 60 students descended on Loughborough for the annual Santa Fun Run. This is arranged each year by the Rotary Club in aid of various charities, including LOROS, LCFC Foxes Foundation and Rainbows and is attended most years by students from Welbeck.

1700 people took part in the event and we were given the option of marshalling or running the 5km in our Santa costumes. For the marshals it was an opportunity to meet members of the local community and cheer them on with a combination of high fives and cheering, while for the runners it was an opportunity to test fitness levels.

There was a brilliant atmosphere with everyone supporting each other, right to the finish line. After completing the run, we were able to collect our medals and a well-deserved snack from the finish. The marshals even received a mention from the stage after their duties were complete.

Whatever role we were playing, it was an enjoyable Sunday out of college for a good cause.

Ellie Lilliott 17e , Alanbrooke

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