French Exchange Visit

Wednesday the 31st January saw the arrival of eight French students from Lycee militaire de Saint-Cyr which is located near Versailles.  This is the second year of the exchange which will see ten Welbeck students travel over to France in March.  During the morning we gave a tour to our fellow French students and got to know them better with pizza and games in the evening. On Thursday the students joined us in lessons, taking part in different subjects such as Physics, Maths and Chemistry to name but a few.  That afternoon we played a game of football with them in mixed teams giving the exchange students and Welbexians a chance to show off football finesse.  This was followed by a Welbeck DSFC vs Lycée militaire de Saint-Cyr dodgeball game, with Welbeck students coming out on top after some close games. Unfortunately our fate was not quite the same when we played them at volleyball, it was clear this is something they practice often.

That weekend the French exchange students accompanied the whole of the Lower Sixth on Exercise Leader at MOD Lyneham. The French visitors worked along side us in tasks as team members as well as leaders achieving a very high standard in command tasks. Everyone also completed a group and individual obstacle course. We undertook roles such as Prime Minister and Defence Secretary in the simulated Dacan Crisis which all students came up with and presented unique resolutions to the conflict with Andy Gillman MBE from the MOD Education Outreach Programme.   We returned from exercise late on Saturday night. 

On Sunday we got up early and headed down to London.  We spent the day seeing the sights of the Capital alongside our French counterparts. On Monday the Principal awarded each of the French students a Silver Welbeck DSFC CCF medal and then it was time to say our goodbyes.  It was an emotional goodbye but the mood quickly changed as we start looking forward for our return visit to them in late March.

Matthew, Alanbrooke 17E

Photo Credits Henry Moody 17E

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