Drone Club General Activity

Last term Mr Lang ran a Drone Club General Activity for the first time at the College.  This was for students who were prospective or current owners of drones within the College and who wanted to learn on their drone piloting skills. Students were given lessons on drone safety and The Drone Code and we then progressed onto indoor drone racing and obstacle avoidance, outdoor photography and piloting around the college’s grounds (all within the bounds and limits of the drone code of course).

The club members all own a different array of drones, some are racing models and some are better suited for photography. The College has also provided some practice kits and models for us to cut our teeth on so that we don’t crash the more expensive pieces of equipment! The members of the club have so far tested their skills by piloting around the sports hall whilst avoiding obstacles and the walls (and in some cases the roof!), we have also flown around the rugby, football and AstroTurf pitches, as well as taking the drones around the trim trail and further away into more distant College grounds.

This term we hope (weather permitting) to get permission to take our drones off site and fly from Beacon Hill, Bradgate Park, and the local water reservoir. These are all sites of significant interest to the club because of their natural beauty and scenery. 

Christopher Winter


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