College outing to Alton Towers

After a busy week and a half at College everyone was ready for a break; with great excitement the students gave up their Sunday lie-in, got up for breakfast and boarded the buses by 0830hrs. The College staff who accompanied us very kindly gave up their Sunday to supervise buses and help to manage the 328 students who went on the annual expedition to Alton Towers. My thanks to Fiona Johnston, Lee Kelham, Kate Shaw, Richard Burges, Nathan Philips, Pierre Rola, Alison Selby and the Principal for their support; it is much appreciated by me and the students.

On arrival tickets were issued, students debussed and after a quick briefing the students and staff deployed to all parts of Alton Towers to get their first adrenaline rush on one of the rides. The queues were small which meant everyone had the opportunity to get onto many rides throughout the day. Additionally the weather was fabulous; sunny and warm.

We managed to get a few pictures of students but as most were on the rides this proved to be quite difficult.

By 16:30 everyone had returned to the buses and we recovered back to College in time for dinner. The Principal kindly agreed to relax the order of dress for evening meal which was much appreciated by the students. Whilst chatting to a couple of students at the dinner queue I overheard a student say to his friend “ … that was great; it felt almost like a normal weekend …”.

Sunday evening was very quiet in the Houses and I am sure many enjoyed getting to bed early ready for the start of the week and the run up to EXEAT.

Mr Clarke

Portland Housemaster

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