Canada Rugby Tour

On Tuesday 12th July 2016; 31 students from both 14 and 15 entry headed for Montreal on the colleges biennial two week rugby tour. For some this was seen as a farewell tour as they readied themselves for university, whilst for 15 entry it was time to set the standard for the upcoming season. Once landing in Montreal we headed towards the accommodation which was located downtown, in amongst all the action of what is a very vibrant and exciting city. We still needed to remember that we were out there to play rugby so within 24 hours of landing it was time to train and acclimatise which was made more difficult due to the 30/35 degree heat, one of Montreal’s most intense heat waves.


The games started after we left Montreal. Over the tour we played five matches against teams from across the province of Ontario. All matches were hard fought, however every time there was only one winner and that was Welbeck. We played some of our best rugby of the season with the elusive Harry Swailes scoring in each match. Our toughest match was against Oshawa Vikings. There were moments in the match that we could’ve lost it, but due to our best performance of the year we were able to secure the win. A true testament to our defence was that throughout the 5 games we only conceded 3 tries.


Although the successes on the pitch made the tour, the multitude of activities that we enjoyed allowed the trip to be so memorable and led to the formation of cohesive bonds throughout the team, and some special ‘bromances’. The jet boat tour in Montreal shocked most of us, expecting a trip down the river. What actually met us was a torrent of rapids; the level of water in the boat going over our knees seemed not to faze the skipper as he carried on soaking us. Our second experience of Canadian rapids was far different. White water rafting left us taking control of our own course, it was hard work but the exhilarating rapids and the stereotypical picturesque Canadian setting made it a memorable day. Canada may be best known for Niagara Falls, so it was only fitting we made a visit, the town may have been very blackpoolesk, but the falls were a once in a lifetime experience.


The tour encompassed so much more than I have covered in this report, it was amazing, and for that I thank all the players and especially the support and organisation of Mr Calland, Mr Jess and Lieutenant ‘Gaz’ Williams. Player of the tour went to no 8 and Captain Matt Holland (Trenchard 14e) while Eliott McMillan (Alanbrooke 15e) picked up the prize for L6th ‘Rising Star’.


Keaton Leyland-Jones

Stirling 15e  

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