Cadets target rifle trip to Canada

Over the summer of 2015 with the Army Cadet Force, 14 Cadets (myself included) and two escort adults travelled to Canada to spend six weeks at Connaught Ranges, Ontario, in order to learn how to shoot target rifle whilst self coaching, to compete in various competitions and be able to bring vital shooting and coaching based skills back to our home county shooting teams.

During the course we met the Canadian phase two cadets from Bravo Company, who we shot with for the summer, these were on their way to making the National Rifle Team for Canada, by the end of the course the Canadians who had made the team where selected. Whilst on the course we shot the 7.62 C12 target rifle at a range of up to 900m (300m, 500m, 600m, 800m, 900m and a 100yd zero shoot at the start of the course) off of a sling whilst self coaching. Self coaching target rifle includes marking shots in plotting books during the shoot, whilst also adjusting your sights for elevation and windage before and during the shoot, hopefully keeping all shots in the bull.

During the course we shot three main competitions, the ORA (Ontario Rifle association), NCFC (National Cadet Full Bore Championships) and the DCRA (the Dominion of Canada rifle Association - effectively people from across the world can compete in this). Whilst in these competitions I won five separate shooting medals, two bars (the equivalent of a medal) and one Lt Governors Finalist Badge. These being for separate matches within the competition such as “The Gibson” and “The Pat Vamplew”. On the course, in addition to the shooting we also did extra activities such as canoeing, assault courses, a visit to Montréal, visiting the Canadian war museum and several trips to the Canadian parliament building in Ottawa where we saw the reputed lights show and the changing of the guard.

Ben Jenkins 15E.


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