Beacon Hill Bunny Run

On Sunday October 1st 2017, 29 students volunteered and took part in both the 3K and 10K races of the Beacon Hill Bunny Run. The event is held by the Rotary Club of Loughborough, with the help of sponsors, including Welbeck DSFC. Participants ran to raise money/awareness for various charities, and for the personal challenge – some even completed it in costume! The main charities this year were: Women’s Refuge Leicestershire; Charnwood Young Carers and Age UK Leicestershire & Rutland.

Students helped with setting up gazebos in the ‘runner’s village’, as well as marshalling and managing on-the-day entries or selling t-shirts. Many then went on to compete in the races and everyone achieved a great time on a hard route and a cold morning. Those who didn’t run or completed theirs earlier, stayed to watch and cheer on all competitors. After the race was completed, and all the goody bags handed out, Welbeck assisted in the tidy up of Beacon Hill and made sure everything was easily packed away. Students then returned to College to enjoy their afternoon off. 

Overall, it was a fun morning and everyone showed a magnificent effort, both in the races and commitment to helping the local area.

Lauren Smith 17e Portland

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