Academic Scholars visit Rolls-Royce

The academic scholars recently had the opportunity to visit Rolls-Royce in Derby. The day was split into two halves, firstly we visited the Heritage Centre. When we arrived, we were given an informative talk about the history of Rolls Royce, and their evolution from a small car selling company to the multinational business which has found its groove in all things power related. Following on from this, we were invited to look around the huge warehouse and looks at Rolls Royce aircraft engines, some humble chair-sized engines, then at the other end, colossal state of the art, modern jumbo jet turbines, used on the famous A380 aircraft.

After this, we were invited into the Technology Exhibition, a small, two floored display of the cutting edge technology that Rolls Royce are currently using and plan to use in the future. We take for granted the insanely complex technology that allows efficient and comfortable aircraft to take flight. One thing I found particularly interesting is how they are going to reconfigure the jet engine to allow more air flow, and therefore have much greater efficiency. Their uses of lasers for constructing light weight parts and fixing aircraft parts was also incredibly interesting. We were able to experience first-hand how much lighter laser printed parts can be, compared to mould cast parts.

This was a very insightful day into both civilian and military engineering, and I thank Mr Hayday and Mr Crooks for taking us, and the Rolls Royce hosts who went above and beyond to deliver a brilliant experience.

Henry Moody 17 Entry


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